This is for You

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, from children to elders to friends and family to strangers, to that horribly cruel voice that lives inside our heads. Bullies spread violence in ways physical, mental, verbal: any way they can.

Darling, you are beautiful. And I love you, you, whoever you are, however imperfect, however much you hurt – I love you, endlessly, forever, unconditionally. I am proud of you and envy your bravery, your perseverance, your resilience.

You are not – you are never, ever, ever – alone. I am wrapping you in my arms and squeezing you tight, praying that you find happiness and self love and people who light up your life. And I know you will. Because you are who you are: deserving, good, whole, enough, and you have a shiny, glowing, radiant, brilliant soul. You are loved (so, so loved!). And you will find your way through this. I will be next to you, cheering, all the way. Promise.


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