Shy Hullos

It has been a while.

I missed you, though the time spent away from my computer has been good for me. I have painted, experimenting in oils for the first time – a new love of mine born for a tradition nearly as old as time. I have a wooden palette and everything.

For Christmas (how were your holidays, loves?) I received two wonderful gifts: a brand new Singer sewing machine of my very own, and a nearly three-week-long visit from that sweet boy of mine. I have already begun experimenting with fabric and patterns, though there is a steep learning curve I am climbing. As for the time spent with my love? It was precious and lovely, as always.


Above are some of my recent works, done either in oils on paper or in my art journal.

Next Monday I begin the very last semester of my undergraduate career, and I am tingling with both excitement and apprehension at the prospects that lie on the horizon. A wide, open world, full of possibility.. how will I ever choose the right path for me?

Perhaps the magnitude of what lies in store for 2013 has kept me still pondering over my word for this year. I have been considering animate (to give spirit, life, vigor, and zest to), courage (strength to persevere), and quicken (to come to life; grow and develop). I know that what I hope for myself is that I jump into the world before me with glee and a sense of adventure, and that fear of failure will not hold me back. Have you chosen a word to guide and push you to fulfill your goals? (See previous words here: 2012, 2011, 2010.)

Until next time, sweets – and I do hope it will not be so long 'til then!


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