Austrian Wonderland

Last week, A and I travelled to Austria to spend the weekend with a friend. Our experience was absolutely magical; Austria is stunningly, breathtakingly, overwhelmingly beautiful. It felt like the Alps were cradling us, and the melting glaciers-turned-waterfalls that were so present had such a deep, powerful, ancient presence.

I took literally hundreds of photos on our daily travels around Innsbruck and, on the last day, a visit to Venice. (Oh, be still my heart! If Austria left me breathless, Venice held my lungs captive for a day.) And to be honest, so many of these turned out to be less than ideal, in part because of sharp sunlight or hastily taken, unfocused shots, but also in part because the beauty I attempted to capture looks so cheap when boxed in a small frame, like a postcard you could pick up at a drug store for a dime. It is such a shame – and at the same time, in a wonderful way emphasizes how precious this experience was – that the most beautiful scenes turned out to be the photos I dislike the most.

I am sharing my favorite shots from Austria in this post; photos from Venice will follow as soon as I can muster up the courage to sort the good from the bad and find the time – and patience – to edit them.  Enjoy.

Psst! In the photo below there is a hidden water-loving creature. Can you find her? Click the photo to view it large!


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