Let Go

I realized today that it has been ten days since my last post. And I remind myself yet again: be gentle. It  is more than okay to be just exactly as I am, quirky and imperfect. Outside my window, into the rolling thunder and dancing lightning, I offer my guilt, however significant or unnecessary, for all the to-dos that remain un-done, posts not yet finished, dishes not yet washed, paintings and projects still twirling in my imagination, and emails not yet returned.

Guilt – that constant and whispering nagging – about the little things, expectations from others, and unrealistic expectations of ourselves, is poisonous. Release it into the wind. Always do your best, my love, but be gentle with yourself in evaluating what indeed that means; be aware of expectations of perfection disguised in motivation.

My to-do list will be there tomorrow, and with the dawn comes a brand new opportunity to complete it as best I can. And so, as I prepare myself for bed tonight, I reflect not on guilt but on all that I am grateful for: this breathtakingly magnificent world, wide open with possibility; my sweet, full life; and the beauty of a thunderstorm.


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