You. Darling, precious you.

Have heart.

You have a magnificently beautiful soul. You shine from the inside out, radiating light into a sometimes dark and lonely world, a beacon of comfort for others.

You are not – you have never been – broken.
You are stronger than anyone else I know. After stumbling over rocks in your path, you have stood up again and again and again, and you have continued forward with courage and power and will. You have scars.. but no: you are not broken.

And for all these reasons, and a thousand more, you are so so deeply loved - eternally, absolutely, unchangeably.

* * *

I have decided to, somehow, share my story. I expect it to take time to write; how long, I'm not sure. But it is time to share where I have been, where I have walked, and where I am journeying now.

Wishing you a beautiful week, loves!

PS. A few weeks ago I made a big change. Have you taken a look yet?


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