Twenty Four

Me, barefaced, my hair in vintage curlers.

Oh my – how to start to summarize a year so full of joy, tears, struggles, and courage? How to express how much I have learned and grown? How to reflect upon 366 days filled with so much life?

I arrive in my twenty fourth year humbled with gratitude: I am in a land that I love, with a man whom I love, experiencing awe and beauty and adventure on a daily basis. I have dreams, chances, opportunities, second chances, and an incredible support system. I am healthy. I am happy.

I am grateful for all that I have, yes, and I am also deeply proud of myself. I have taken leaping strides this year towards creating the life I have before merely dreamt of. And I want to declare it to the world, in part because I have worked so very, very hard to realize these truths: I am a lionhearted woman, compassionate, whole, good. I am worthy of love. I am worthy.

See the light in my eyes in the photo above? That is hope returning after a long absence. I welcome it so. I love who I am and who I am becoming. I really, truly do.

Happy birthday, dear Self. Here's to the rest of a lifetime.
All my love,


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