I am the Hero

I have been thinking quite a bit about where I am right now: what my dreams and goals are; what sort of person I am, what sort of person I am becoming, and what sort of person I want to be; and in what direction I want to take my next steps. I have also been considering the future of this sweet blog, for I have come to realize that my passion for being here, sharing, writing, and dreaming has been ebbing. 

More than anything else, I want to know why this shift has been occurring, and what might spark my interest once more. Am I feeling too pressured to simply share something? Would a design change bring new life to this space? What about introducing a new focus? Would releasing myself from the self-imposed pressure to profit from my art bring relief?

I feel that part of this struggle is feeling unable to share with you a story that has been a central theme in my life, especially in the past six months. Due to it being a very tender subject and the fact that my family occasionally makes their way to my blog, I am uncomfortable publicly sharing a story that leaves me feeling vulnerable and fragile. Nevertheless, I have begun to feel that I need to take this leap and share my story in order to reach out to others who have shared my path. I do apologize for the ambiguity in the meantime, loves.

How are you today, darling? I want to remind you today that you are deeply, deeply loved, precious, important, appreciated. Sending you hugs to wherever you are, geographically or emotionally. If you like, I would love to hear how you – yes you! – are doing: if life is treating you well, if you are busy or contemplative, sorrowful, or giddy with joy. How are you, really?

As a last note, I want to share a bit about the art here. These pages come from a spread I worked on in late February, featuring pastels and quite a bit of text (including this poem by e. e. cummings, the last few lines of this poem by Mary Oliver, and this quote by Ayn Rand) - art journaling elements which I don't usually explore. There are, however, plenty of layers of collage and paint!

"Ingredients" used: acrylic paint, Karneval streamers, vintage sewing pattern, gift tag, pencil, ballpoint pen, highlighter, graph paper, owl from an advertisement.


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