Random Assortment

Hello again, friends!

I am in a dreamy state of mind today, my thoughts scattered. I have a long to do list and many tidbits to share - like the fact that I left my poor camera at home and we won't be reunited until Christmas break.

Oh yes, and Thanksgiving. The holiday snuck up on me, and only now I'm left looking back on all the wonderful things that have happened this year for which I am so incredibly grateful, for the good in my life and those incredible things to come. A short list of gratitude:
  • My family. Words can't express how much I love them.
  • My sweet boyfriend, who has been so patient and supportive this year, even from thousands of miles away.
  • Learning, if slowly, how to reach out for help when it is most needed.
  • Art journaling. I'll need a new book soon.
  • Plans to study abroad in Germany this spring and summer. The plane ticket has been bought; I will see my love in just thirty days!
  • A new warm winter coat.
  • A full belly, a roof over my head, and clean water to drink. 
I am so incredibly blessed.

Other news comes to mind, too, like newly listed prints and a journal in my Etsy shop. Last night I made three mini journals – like my own here – and have a button to sew onto a new leather journal I've made, but without my Nikon I don't know when they will be listed for sale.

And lastly I wanted to share with you a new word I've discovered, one that rolls from the tongue like a laughing brook: quiddity. It means "the inherent nature or essence". What a lovely thought!

Wishing you a magnificent week, loves.

P.S. Check out my Be Inspired page to find the most recent art journal blogs I've discovered. This one is my current favorite!


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