Art Journal Inspiration

Hello, darlings! Happy, happy August!

I apologize for my absence this past week; time seemed to slip by more quickly than usual! I've been working on some exciting things, like submitting my artwork to Art Journaling magazine for publication (wish me luck!) and writing out a plan for a new art journaling online workshop. If you have any thoughts about what content you would be interested in learning, please share! You can write me here or leave a message in the comments.

In regards to ongoing projects, I do have one confession: I still haven't taken the last two photos for my month long daily photography project! Once I do that, however, I will write a special post to share my thoughts on the entire process and any tips for those interested in doing a similar project.

For now, let me share a tiny fraction of the hundreds of photos I've favorited on Flickr. Click the image below to view larger. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!



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