The Shop Revealed

Hello, my darlings!

Hurrah, hurrah! I have spent the day photographing, writing, and listing all the new goodies which are now in my Etsy shop. It's so exciting to finally see it filled once more! At the moment there are plenty of collage packets - a collection of papers, stickers, magazine clippings, foreign materials, and so, so much more -, two art journals that are only $8.50 each, and an original mixed media art piece, a detail photo of which is above.

I'm offering a free gift with every purchase - the more items you buy, the more gifts you'll receive! As always, there is free shipping within the United States. Woohoo! Throughout the next week I hope to add more things, and I've been scheming and dreaming about some wonderful things I'll be offering in the future.

Reading to take a peek? Check out everything that's for sale, either by by finding the "Shop My Peacetree" link underneath my header or by clicking here! Remember that there is an ongoing two-question survey about your opinions regarding my Etsy shop; these answers will help me to shape the products I make and sell, so your thoughts are important!

I so appreciate your support!
Happy, happy July fourth to my American friends!


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