Map-Covered Journal for Sale

Update: this journal has sold.

I've just added a new journal to my Etsy shop, made with hardbound, vintage map-covered covers and 48 pages of perfect 90 lb. watercolor paper. Oo, so delicious! And it's only $25, with shipping included for my stateside friends.

To be honest, this is one that I'm going to have difficulty parting with, I love it so much! I've actually been thinking about how useful this would be at university to take notes in - perhaps I'll make a few for myself before the new academic year starts.

Check out all the details here!


  1. this journal is so beautiful! did you do everything all by yourself (to bind the pages)?! you're so talented!

  2. it's gorgeous! i can't get enough of map prints!

  3. It's beeeeautiful indeed. But really, you could take notes on watercolour paper? I doubt I could do that.



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