Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

I become incredibly excited when one of my items is sold on Etsy. While the extra money is both needed and appreciated, what makes me truly happy is knowing that the things I create are loved and wanted – what a wonderful feeling that is! I thank each of my customers for it. Making a sale also means that I get to put together a lovely package for the recipient.

Oh, I do love wrapping things! I feel like this is an art all its own, one that builds up anticipation and represents the beauty for the moment secretly contained inside. I am a believer that when material items are well presented the enjoyment of them grows, whether it be a meal served at a restaurant, a blog, or a birthday present.

My handbound map journal was sold earlier in the week – thank you, Lyndette! – and so I covered it in striped paper, tied it with white cotton string, tucked in a free print, and added two vintage library cards as gift tags. (These cards will be listed in my shop soon!) And then, naturally, I took many photos to commemorate the occasion.

If you'd like to get a pretty package of your own, I've just listed a new blank vintage map-covered journal in my shop! Check it out here.


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