Summer is a-Comin' In

"the earth laughs in flowers." - e.e. cummings

This morning I awoke
at dawn, wanting to watch the sun rise above the world on this summer solstice morning. But from outside my window I could see an overcast sky and could hear the dripping of rain, and I slipped back into slumber.

The longest day of sunlight in the year - and the soon following Midsummer - have always been magical, exotic occasions for me. I suppose quite a bit of that stems from my love of Shakepeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and the presence of the spirits, sprites, and fairies within the play; and on the solstice, it seems that anything is possible.

It is on days like these when I sense more than ever that the natural world is vibrantly alive, that the birds chattering outside are in fact singing sweet secrets to one another, and that the whole planet is laughing joyously at the beauty and magic it contains. While I wasn't able to watch the sun rise this morning, the skies have since cleared and the world is bathed in rich sunlight, and I dream of wearing a long flowing skirt, putting flowers in my hair, singing to the trees, and meditating with the sun. How will you celebrate?

Wishing you endless inspiration, adventure, and amazement today.
Welcome, sweet, warm, dreamy summer!


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