Message to the World

A week ago I wrote about authenticity and honesty. Even after posting my thoughts, I continue to have swirling ideas and questions of what exactly it is I want to share, give, grow, and achieve at this dear space. Today I came across this lovely video, shared by a father who blogs for a living, which gifted me a much needed reminder.

What he speaks about strongly resonates with me: your most beautiful work is presented - and people are most interested in what you have to tell the world - when you share what you love. Passion speaks loudly, and beautifully, and is contagious. I have seen this again and again in my own life: posts that I write that I love and wholeheartedly believe in receive far more positive responses than those that are a result of guilt (yes, darlings, I do feel so awful when I leave this space quietly waiting for weeks!).

"Tell the world something important." Tell the world about something you love! Tell the world about something you celebrate and are excited about, something that makes you glow from the inside out, something that makes you giggle and jump and sing for joy.

This, of course, extends beyond blogging; this is a philosophy to adopt for life. Follow your passion. Listen to your heart. Share with the world something important, something only you can give: your beautiful self, your gifts, your talents and smile and your love.

And so I'm paying close attention once again to those things that light me up and bring a sparkle to my eyes. Along the way I'm playing with ideas of what might light you up, too!

What will your message to the world be?


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