Sulic and Hauser: Cello Magic

Have you ever had a moment when a piece of artwork has stopped you in your tracks for beauty? I found the video below on Like a Bird last week. Cellos have always been close to my soul, and the duet played by these talented musicians is perhaps the most tender, passionate piece I have ever heard.

I would love to hear what you think, and what beautiful things fill your well of inspiration. Wishing you a Monday filled with magic!


  1. this is a beautiful piece of music. I always love instrumental music - it's touching my heart. thank you so much for sharing! And I hope your workshop is going well. I'd like to attend but the distance, you now...
    have a beautiful day, too!

  2. This is so beautiful. Something about string instruments in general stirs my soul -- and it doesn't matter whether it's classical or more modern (their version of Smooth Criminal is so much fun). I just went to a wonderful traditional Irish music session last night. I only wish every night were like that. (Oh, and these guys are cute too!)

  3. Ingrid this is so magical thank you for sharing!



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