I Lost a Friend Today

I knew her in high school. She was in my grade, only a few months older, beautiful, outgoing, and confident. She had a clear and smooth singing voice. I admired her. I envied the way she carried herself and how she seemed to have life so organized and all figured out; I wanted the stability and assuredness she possessed.

We were very similar in some ways: we were creative and romantics, dreamers in love with Lucy Maud Montgomery's beautiful books. And, it seems, we shared a secret, dark, lonely place of depression, loneliness, and uncertainty. I struggled, forcing myself to keep moving forward, one day at a time. Some days are still difficult, but I have found the path into the light. Today, she gave up.

My heart aches for this gorgeous woman, for her husband and family who are struggling with confusion, guilt, and pain. Please keep them in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Depression is very real. It is painful and lonely and suffocating, and the world feels as if it is caving in on you. But you are not alone. You are NOT alone. You are not alone in your suffering, and you do not have to be alone in finding a way out. You - yes, you, you beautiful, magnificent being - are endlessly, hugely loved; you deserve every happiness; you deserve life. The guilt, heartache, loneliness, and hurt can be released. There are answers, and the black veil can be lifted. Yes, even for you, my dear. Call the number below, or write anonymously at Postsecret Community. If you feel you can, reach out to a family member or friend and tell them that you need their help.

1 - 800 - 442 - HOPE
Trained individuals are available 24/7

You deserve to wake up every morning to the sun. You deserve to make decisions about what you want to do tomorrow, and next month, and next year. You deserve to do what you love, to watch the spring bloom around you, to go on adventures and to daydream. You deserve to give yourself a chance to find your way out of the dark, deep hole that seems to have no escape, and others deserve to have a chance to show you just how much they love you. Please, give them that chance.

1 - 800 - 442 - HOPE
Trained individuals are available 24/7

Call this number if you ever feel as if you are losing the struggle to continue forward. Call if you're unsure if you "qualify". Call if you feel lonely, or sad, or if you don't know how you feel. The people on the other end are available 24/7 and love you deeply, deeply, deeply, and will hold you and guide you into the light. I promise.

Some more resources:
* National Suicide Hotline:
1-800-273-TALK (24/7)
1-800-SUICIDE (24/7)


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