A Dreamer's World

I love to be alone. I never found the companion
that was so companionable as solitude.
~ Henry David Thoreau

I am a dreamer and an introvert, through and through.

Though I enjoy being with people and if I am by myself too often I become restless and lonely, I deeply treasure my alone time. I truly enjoy sitting with myself in silence, writing, internet-ing, and creating when I can find the time. I take myself on walks every now and then, and try to foster a still, peaceful mind.

My journey to being comfortable with myself has not been an easy one; over the past few years I have struggled, fought, and tried to change who I am, but with time and a huge amount of effort and patience I have come closer to loving myself exactly for who I am, accepting the flaws and imperfections and celebrating (not hiding) the things I like. I must always remind myself to be gentle, kind, and loving towards myself - because that is what I and every one of you deserve.

Yet this habit of mine, of wanting to spend quiet time with myself, tends to push people away. I have difficulty making and keeping friends, for so many of the people I meet are far more active and social than I. How I wish I were able to find those quiet imaginative folk who would be perfectly content to write, paint, or dream the day away! And how grateful I am to meet many of you here in this lovely space.

Oh, I wish that we could go on a walk together! We could wonder about the changing leaves and the soaring birds; we could drink tea and play soft music; we could draw each other and laugh at the silly way I drew your nose. We could imagine what tomorrow would be like, and dream about whom we want to become in the years that lie ahead...

My loves, if you feel the same as I do - a daydreamer separate from the world - know that you are not in the least bit alone. There are individuals all over the world wishing for someone just like you to come play and explore and imagine. Be patient, my loves; we'll find each other some day.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. I've been really enjoying your blog (a recent discovery) and part of the reason is that its title combines two of the things I love most: trees and peace. And this post totally sums up what I've been trying to express about my own deep need for alone time and how it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy company.

    *Wave* from a fellow dreaming introvert. :)

  2. You have no idea how well I can relate to this post. It was refreshing to read and it made me happy. Thank you :)

  3. thank you for this beautiful post. I'm about to leave the house in a few minutes and reading you post really lit up my morning!I find myself in you post...
    have a nice day!

  4. Most people don't understand how I can love my own company as much as I do (I swear I was a hermit in a former life). Everyone so often I venture out and interact with others but I love returning to my home, my solitude, my self.

  5. I feel guilty for needing that quiet time, especially at the end of the week when everyone wants to go out and I want to stay it. I think you eventually find people like you or people who understand. Those are the best sorts of friends. My dear, your posts are always so gorgeous. I wish we could go for a walk and have some tea too.

  6. It's a very beautiful post! I am happy to read some other posts of your blog.
    I also like the way you click with your camera. You must be a pleasure to know:)

  7. I used to get down on myself a lot for not having as many friends or going out as often as everyone else seemed to...and it was only recently that I realized that's not really what I want! I love sitting quietly at home by myself, listening to music, reading, creating, and keeping close the few friendships that I feel are meaningful. Good to know I'm not the only dreaming introvert; lovely post :)

  8. oh dear woman, you speak my language. I say it is my Cancer Sun Sign and my Sagittarius Moon sign that keeps me in conflict with myself all the time. I love having my alone time and often have to be drawn out by someone else, but I have my moments when I get restless and just need to go, often feeling homesick after a short time out. {Wonderful Post}

    Chas @ A Woman's Haven

  9. So beautiful! I love painting, writing and dreaming the day away. It's actually what I've been doing in 2010 for the most part. It filled my soul.

    Happy December to you! ♥

  10. Here I am! Here I am! :)



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