Sweet September

Ahh, September! The month of lengthening nights, cooler days, and transition between two seasons. In just a few weeks Autumn will begin, though the hot, humid days may linger for a while still. Enjoy these remaining days filled with sunshine, green, and warmth!

School has started for many, myself included. I suspect that blogging will slow these next months due to my heavy workload, though I will certainly do my best to maintain some sort of rhythm, as this space truly is my haven.

In this moment, I feel that the word stretch is appropriate for the new word of the month - September is perfect to stretch your mind through creative or academic endeavors and challenge yourself with new concepts; alternately (or additionally), you can stretch your limbs and your body to prepare for a long, sleepy winter. Check out Daisy Yellow for some creative challenges for this month!

Happy Thursday, loves!

PS. Your response to my last post was moving; I am humbled by your kindness and understanding and I do hope that Tomo will read your comments and feel surrounded by love, peace, and support from all you wonderful individuals.


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