Written Journal

I have two main journals - my art journal and my written journal. I often forget to add writing to my art journal, getting caught up in paint and details and stamps, eventually feeling that the spread is complete without journaling. Occasionally I'll use words cut from magazines to add text, but the majority of my writing happens in my daily journal.
I am not one to write in detail about my days, expressing what happened and where I went and who said what. I instead doodle, make to-do lists, sketch, prepare blog posts, take notes, or every once in a while express feelings of anger, frustration, or joy over a specific occurrence.

The journal that I use now - which is almost complete! - is one I hand bound from a recycled pizza box. (I once got asked if it was a cookbook/recipe book!) The pages are plain printer paper and suit me well for my purposes; the binding is imperfect which leaves me more comfortable to "mess up" its pages.

Do you have a journal? What sorts of things do you write in its pages?


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