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I have two main journals - my art journal and my written journal. I often forget to add writing to my art journal, getting caught up in paint and details and stamps, eventually feeling that the spread is complete without journaling. Occasionally I'll use words cut from magazines to add text, but the majority of my writing happens in my daily journal.
I am not one to write in detail about my days, expressing what happened and where I went and who said what. I instead doodle, make to-do lists, sketch, prepare blog posts, take notes, or every once in a while express feelings of anger, frustration, or joy over a specific occurrence.

The journal that I use now - which is almost complete! - is one I hand bound from a recycled pizza box. (I once got asked if it was a cookbook/recipe book!) The pages are plain printer paper and suit me well for my purposes; the binding is imperfect which leaves me more comfortable to "mess up" its pages.

Do you have a journal? What sorts of things do you write in its pages?


  1. Love this . . . . I've written in a journal on and off to years. I want to start doing more of an art journal but want to get my sketchbook project done before making the switch. :)

  2. So very creative! I have an addiction to pretty notebooks and journals, and it's to be journalling again. Though I have to get the hang of it after stopping for so long.

  3. love the simplicity of your blog.
    warm wishes from this side of the world

  4. I think it's a great idea to separate your art journal & your written journal. Occasionally I write in my art journal, and I have a Moleskine that I had been using for my trip to Europe last year but isn't full yet, so sometimes I write in that as well.

    Your journal looks amazing though! I love how you made it yourself.

  5. This is great! :) Before I discovered art journals, I wrote in composition books, and always doodled my mood. Lots of fun! Oh, and I always included what I was listening to. I kind of miss it ;)

  6. I keep two online journals (one since 1997!!), as well as a totally private online meditation/prayer journal. I also keep several "journals" (really books of lists) offline. I'm starting on my art journal, I just need to find the courage to actually make a mark inside it!

  7. I have a journal. It's full of lists, stories, post-it notes, ideas, dreams, plans, etc.
    And I really want to start a little art journal, but I have pharyngitis, so I'm in bed all day :(
    It's great that you have access to the internet again!

  8. I have a writing journal in which I write to-do-lists, projects, quotes from books I'm reading, thoughts about daily life. Sometimes I draw in it or I paste on its pages interesting images from magazines. I love also you my handmade rubber stamps.
    Recently I bought also the watercolor moleskine notebook and I've started a sort of visual journal (you can see some images in my flickr album:

  9. How fun to have a peak into your written journal/diary. I write a diary and I do all kinds of things in it, mostly record the thoughts of the day but also take notes on books I'm reading or do a collage here and there as seen on my blog.

  10. I also have journals. Its where we keep treasures.

  11. Over the years, I've developed several spots for written journaling. I journal on the computer - physically easier than handwriting - much about the kids and daily lives. A sketch moleskine holds a lot of notes from when I'm out and about, at the coffee shop or bookstore, or wherever and jot down ideas, books to read, quotes, etc. and also on loose paper which I accumulate in a manila file. I WISH it was all in the same format in the same place, in handy dandy date order, but that's not feasible for me in the real world!

  12. Funny I should stumble across this today, I was lauging today because I currently have FiVE journals. 2 online, 1 purely text and an art journal and a sad/angry/frustrated art journal. I had a bad day that called for a new journal so I didnt bum myself out everytime I pick up my happy one.

    My tangibles are all curretly remodled sketchbooks. but I may have to build one next.



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