This Moment

Oh, my loves, where to begin? Please forgive me for the sparse postings as of late; the past week or two has been filled with frustration, tears, and trepidation as I choose a path for the next part of my journey. (Could you perhaps guess by my last post?) And, just two days ago, and a huge decision was made: I am going back to school this fall. Hooray! This means I will be moving taking - taking another leap of faith - in just two weeks' time.

I am not one who makes big decisions gracefully. I worry about making the "right" one (when in truth there is no "right" choice) and I fear that I will be forever confined to the choice I have made. I do not like eliminating opportunities by choosing one path to tread, and so often find myself lingering in limbo, neither moving forward nor experiencing any of the opportunities I might have had had I acted.

In the midst of all this struggle, I translated my inner turmoil onto paper. Taking a photograph of how I felt in that moment, surrounded by chaos, confusion, and uncertainty, I captured a single moment in my life - an unpleasant one. I printed the image and added color and detail. As I worked, my seething emotions ebbed, and the calm that stood in their place if only for a little while was absolutely lovely. I hope to work this painting into my art journal soon.

Dearests, yes, your art journal is a place for you to celebrate beauty, joy, and gratitude; but remember that it is also a good friend with eternally open arms. Into its pages you are invited to spill sorrow, anger, hurt - any negative emotion that weighs on your heart and mind. Your art journal will never judge you nor spill your secrets. You are a complex being, filled with the lightest light and the darkest dark, and that is what makes us such interesting, beautiful creatures. Do not be afraid to pour your heart onto its pages, weep, mourn, rage, splutter; express all of yourself, both the beautiful and the ugly.

Let your art journal reflect who you are - body, mind, and spirit!

PS. I will be buying art supplies for Tomo this week! A thousand thank-yous to each and every one of you who has been so, so generous in helping a new art journaler realize her dream. For more information on this project and to find out how to help, please read this post.


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