Art Supplies for Tomo: Part III

Ivy, taken July 2010.

Hello, my loves.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. I sent Tomo's package early last week, but, due to reasons that I cannot go into for her sake, she did not ever receive it. I am struggling to find balance between sharing exactly what the situation is and protecting Tomo's privacy. If you have donated and would like to have an explanation that you so rightly deserve, please email me and I will do my best to provide an appropriate one.

I apologize so profusely. If I were able - if I had the money to spare - I would refund you all in full; perhaps I will be able to at some point in the future. This entire situation, which once left me giddy with joy and excitement, leaves me deeply saddened for Tomo. I hope that some day in the future she will be able to create, discover, and grow with wild abandon.

With love,


  1. My heart sinks for a girl who so wants to create art. The important thing is that without lovely art materials we can still create. And to continue to create, however possible, with the sparest of materials, until a time in life when the universe of art materials is open to you.

  2. Oh this is so sad. Want to send the best wishes to Tomo, whatever her situation may be. (I don't really know a appropriate translation of the word 'sterkte'. That Dutch word just says it all..)

  3. Not sure what the situation is but so sorry to hear it did not go as planned. Hope everything works out, you worked so hard to make this happen.

  4. Oh love, there was no way for you to predict what would happen. As for whatever did happen, I sincerely hope that everyone is safe and that Tomo has the opportunity and the right environment to be able to create again soon.

  5. How sad. I don't know Tomo but wish her better things. And send you hugs to lift your heavy heart.
    Kat Xx

  6. Although I haven't been able to participate in your Art Supplies for Tomo Campaign due to my own financial issues, I have been reading about your project of taking a sweet girl under your wing and supplying her with all sorts of media and tools.

    Of course I have no idea what the situation is, but I want you and Tomo both to know that she is in my prayers and I wish for her safety. Reading this post gave me goosebumps and teary eyes- I am very concerned about the environment she is in. I hope all is well for her.

    One day, owning art supplies will be a nonissue for Tomo.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. I didn't donate myself, but I was following along and could not wait to hear how happy she would be. It just seems so terribly unfair, both for you and for her.

  8. Oh love, I'm so sorry this happened. I didn't donate because I'm dealing with my own financial issues right now, but I was excited to see the next post. I'm sure she will get a chance to create...whether or not she has these things you bought for her, she has had your help in being a mentor and an inspiration, and that's the thing that is worth the most. She is still so lucky to have you!

  9. That stinks! Poor Tomo!



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