And So it Goes

August has been a bit bare of posts, hasn't it? Frustratingly, my "borrowed" internet has been discovered by others, and so once again I struggle with a temperamental connection that has a grudge against uploading photos. I was asked some time ago about my written journal, and I'd hoped to be able to share some peeks with you today. I will have to postpone this for a little while, I think; my school dorm has wifi and I have high hopes that it will be conducive to blogging!

Today will be an incredibly busy day - it is my last before leaving this city after my short four month stay; Wednesday I will be moving to campus. My to-do list includes packing, sorting, and cleaning, and this morning I will finally head to the post office to send Tomo's package! I did try on Saturday, but arrived two hours after the building had closed. Tomo is looking forward to it just a bit, I think:
"OH MY GOSH!! I'm so excited!! It's all I've been thinking about these days!! .. I'm sososososososooooooooo thankful for everything you've done for me!! I really appreciate your hard work as well as that of others who have helped you help me."
I once wrote that it's a truly wonderful feeling to have someone make your day, but it's a thousand times better if you make theirs. At the moment, I believe that more than ever.

Wishing you a beautiful, creative, love-filled week!


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