The Start of Something Beautiful

Woohoo! I finished my art journal! On Friday night I wrote on the last pages, bringing to a close ten months' worth of experimentation, frustration, and discovery. The book was created entirely by me; I bound it, choosing the colors for the pages and how large it would be; I gave it life and color and depth, and I am the one who pushed herself to finish something completely. Yep, I'll admit it: I'm so proud! And though I would have thought that I'd be sad to reach the end of these pages, I'm instead thrilled and terribly excited to continue my journey and unfold my story in a new journal!

So today, my loves, I have something rather exciting to share with you - the first ever videos created by me! I've seen journal flips popping up on all corners of the blogging world, and was terribly excited when I figured out that I can create videos on YouTube. For some reason, the first video cut of early, but I managed to make another video to show the rest. I tried to find music that wouldn't be too obnoxious, but if it really drives you crazy, please put your speakers on mute!

I think there's something so wonderful about seeing an artist's hands turning her own pages; it lends something so personal that still photos can't express. (Though I will take and post photos of the finished journal soon as well.) I do hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,

Find me on here on YouTube!


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