Printables - Hands and Flowers

I was searching the internet yesterday for free, royalty-free images to use in my artwork. (It is very important, you know, to make sure that you aren't hurting anyone by using their uncredited copyrighted work in your own projects, including your blog.) I didn't find much, and had the idea to begin making freebies for all my lovelies here to use.

Look! My first set of illustrations, free for you to print out, cut up, color, and use as you like in your personal art. Just click on the image below and a larger version will appear - then you can save it to your desktop. I'd appreciate it, if you share this, to credit it to me!

Click on image to view larger!

I'm hoping to ride this creative tide and make a few more sheets - do you have any requests? What sorts of printable images would you like to use in your artwork? I've been brainstorming: the alphabet, simple faces you can fashion to your liking, quotes, numbers, more flowers, trees, animals, eyes and lips, journal prompts.. There are so many possibilities!

Oh, and do please share if you've come across any other excellent royalty-free images in your searchings!


  1. This is very nice of you!

  2. do you know this site?


  3. claire ~ i hadn't heard about it. thanks so much for sharing! i'm going to spend some time perusing through the lovely images..

  4. You're welcome!
    I think her archives will really interest you.


  5. What? Did you draw those hands, they look amazing!

    My favorite recourses are at flickr;


  6. Wow, they are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hanna, yup! I did draw them - though it's really only one copied and resized several times. I will check out those links, thanks!

    Steffi, so, so lovely to see you again! Hugs!



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