Last Pages

As promised, a few photos of my finished art journal! As I've shared so many pages with you along the way (which you can view through this Flickr set or by browsing my "art journal" tag), I thought I'd share two new spreads - the last two created between these covers. The yellow spread is one of my new favorites; it's playful, simple, and I love the odd and asymmetrical layout.

The mountainous photo above was the last page I journaled on, and felt a bit like a rite of passage to complete. The colors remind me of early evening, a short while after the sun has set - a perfect metaphor to end this art journal!

The covers, shown in detail below, were collaged with scraps of Chinese newspaper and sheet music, watercolors, gesso, acrylic paint, masking tape, and hand printouts. I had originally intended to use the hard covers of an old atlas, but am so happy with the spontaneity and color of these completed ones!

You can view several more photos here, including details of the spreads shown above. And, believe it or not, I have already bound together a new book - a smaller one, as I didn't have enough paper to make as many signatures - and am in the process of working on two spreads! Can't wait to show you what develops upon them.


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