Time for Creativity

From a large canvas painting that has been sitting
in the corner some time, waiting to be finished.

All too often, we are swept up in our obligations: work, study, events, children, errands. So many of us find that there is not enough time in the day to not only complete the things we need to do, but do the things we want to do. Art, photography, and general creativity may fall to the wayside, waiting for us to take it up again "when we have the time".

This is a sad circle that is easily begun and, in some cases, never seems to end. I've found myself in this situation recently, caught up in schedules and places to be; my art has been suffering. I miss creating and experimenting in my art journal. I miss blogging. I miss doing the things I love to do, and I miss interacting with the wonderful friends I have made here.

The solution, I believe, is to fly in the face of any excuse you might tell yourself by starting immediately, without allowing your mind to debate. If you have fifteen minutes, ten, five, or two, use it - don't read, get on the internet, or lie down. Pick up a paint brush. Cut images from a magazine. Write half a page on a topic that interests you, or simply make a list of things you'd like to write about. Snap a picture or two. You don't have to do anything grand, complete, or impressive.

I find that once I begin creating, no matter if I'm tired or uninspired, I feel art's pull once again and am able to ride a creative wave - and in the end I feel relaxed, inspired, and centered. The trick is to just begin. As you finish this post, why don't you close the browser window, let the computer sleep, and give yourself a five minute craft break? The time is there; you - and I - just have to use it!


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