What a busy week last week, no? I had originally intended to write two more posts - one on my favorite bloggers and one on what I have learned throughout the past year - but by the end of the week I was ready for a little break. I will write these later, or perhaps combine them into a single post.

Shall I tell you a bit about my adventures here? To start, this city is wonderful, filled with so much life! I feel comfortable here now, at home, and I have made a few new friends. I have been searching for a job for several weeks now, hoping to make some money so that I can visit my Lovely this summer. I've had no luck so far.

I frequent the library often because I no longer have internet in my home and the internet available in the lobby of the building is completely unreliable. This situation has been frustrating, as I can no longer have an easy, active role in the blog world. I cannot visit my friends' spaces every day, and when I have a chance I often spend a good chunk of time reading through twenty or thirty posts at a time. I read and respond to your lovely, kind comments when I can, and I appreciate your patience!

The joys of reading been rediscovered! When I was younger, I consumed book after book, but for some reason or another I fell out of this habit a few years ago. Happily, I've read five or six books in the past few weeks, and am so very much enjoying the magic and beauty contained within.

I am continuing to work in my art journal, exploring faces and color and texture. It is nearly finished - this will be my first true finished journal! I did create this one a few months ago, but felt that, as I finished it in just a few days, it didn't quite count. I have difficulty following a project through, and feel that when my large journal is finished I will have something to be very proud of.

The time allowed
on this library computer is winding down, and I must go make myself some lunch. Do remember to enter the giveaways - you can enter each of them once and they will be ongoing until this Friday!

Wishing you a day
filled with love, creativity, and happiness!


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