Now is the Month of Maying

It's May, hurrah, hurrah! Spring is my favorite season - and May is my favorite month of the whole year. When I was much younger, the first of May would always be celebrated by making crowns of flowers and dancing and singing around a May Pole - I have such lovely memories of lilacs in my hair, feeling as beautiful as any child-imagined princess. In lieu of making a crown today, I'll be sitting outside in the golden sunshine and drinking up a new book.

Let's celebrate this beautiful month with the word openness. Breathe in deeply, clear your mind, spread your arms wide, and let go. Be open to new possibility and to new experiences. Say yes; go forward towards adventure and newness without fear. What does openness mean to you?

This very first week marks a big milestone for this blog - and I'll have at least five giveaways to share with you! The first will start on Monday. EDIT: I've change my mind - the celebrations will start tomorrow (Sunday)! It's going to be an exciting week; stay tuned!


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