Home Sweet Home

Oh, to come to this blog space after a busy, emotional, intense week is like coming home after a long journey!

Thank you so, so much, sweet, kind readers for the birthday wishes and hopes and blessings; I can still feel the love surrounding me and holding me. Each message filled me with such happiness and comfort and with an overwhelming sense of love - I am so very grateful to all of you! What a lovely way to start off a new year.

My goodness, my beauties, what a lot I have to share with you. I do think that I shall split it all into a few separate posts, however; one can only take in so much at one time! I'd like to tell you some important news today, and later I want to share with you more of a swap I participated in and the Etsy goodies I got from my family for my birthday.

On Monday evening, I moved into my new home in a big, busy city. (You can see my new corner in the photo above.) It was quite a shock, to be honest; my hometown is a rural one and quiet, and I have never before lived in the midst of such tall buildings, honking cars, and rushing people. I am slowly growing used to the ever-constant hum of traffic and the energy of the city is something I very much enjoy. However, my internet situation is less than ideal and I am not quite sure yet how this will affect my blogging.

I will do my best to post regularly, but should I be more absent than usual on twitter, My Peacetree, or facebook, or late in responding to your comments, please know that it is not that I have given up on you. I, in fact, have been feeling rather disconnected from this lovely blogging community and am missing the love, encouragement, and self-discovery that happens everyday in the beautiful blogs I read. Things will work out, of this I am sure; but until then, I ask for your patience.

Have a beautiful weekend!


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