Healing Words

I have been in this city for nearly two weeks. In that time I have felt myself change, somehow; the city distracts me from inward thinking and from quiet observation, and I feel rushed and busy. My thoughts have taken on similar qualities and I struggle to form a full, developed thought; my sentences are inarticulate and my vocabulary limited.

My photography and art have been affected by this move as well. Used to taking macros of the little nooks and crannies of a rural town, I am now challenged with cement, dirty streets, and tall, unforgiving buildings. Many of my art supplies are left behind in my old home, the essentials I brought with me tucked into a small corner of this new space; and the now limited possibilities leave me uninspired.

Moving is a challenge, yes - it requires quite a bit of rearranging and rediscovering and relearning. Do forgive me if you expect all of my posts to be about art and philosophy! My entire life is a great web, and each thing within it is connected by this string or that; art and philosophy will come soon, oh yes, but what I must sort out now is what is right in front of me, staring me in the face: Change.

Tell me, what in your life is affecting you - your Self, your art - right now?


Immediately after I finished writing this post late last night, I felt a release; I then worked for several hours in my art journal and felt my creativity and my inspiration returning. Words are powerful things, my dearies! Have a beautiful Sunday!


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