One Stitch at a Time

If you are like me, containers and baskets are tremendously useful, holding all the bits and bobs collected over weeks and months and years. Last week, I had a spark of inspiration and soon had new addition to my room. After separating wool into long strips, I crocheted it as I would yarn and - tada! - a woolen basket was created, ready to hold just about anything! (Read Emily's post for more inspiration on making simple baskets at home.)

I have been on a crocheting streak recently. After discovering this blog, I taught myself - with a bit of a struggle - how to make a granny square and have a few finished found-yarn squares floating around already. I'd love to snuggle into a blanket that I created entirely with my own hands, but as I am a person who loves starting things (and isn't so thrilled about finishing them), this may be a project that takes a while to complete!

In my Etsy shop - which will be in Vacation Mode until the twelfth of March - there is a cheerful blue and yellow pencil case. Other things on my list of Things to Crochet are plushies like this and this, and a hat like this! Tell me, lovelies, what things have you been working on or dreaming about recently?


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