Happy Thoughts

My head has been buzzing recently and my muscles have been tense. There are so many details to attend to, things to plan and to pack, so many things left unfinished and so much yet to be started - and pressure is mounting to get it all done soon, soon, soon! Has your Monday been similar, my dearests?

I am taking a break from all this hurry and busyness - will you join me? Here, take my hand, and we'll go for a walk together.

Imagine yourself in the still of the early morning. Sunbeams are stretching across the cold ground and the shadows are being chased away by laughing light. Breathe in - fill your chest with chilly air! Smell the warming earth; hear the birds welcoming the day.

via space_cadet00.

We'll walk through fields of lavender, inhaling its gentle, enveloping aroma. Run your hands over its blossoms - how soft it is!

via mexist.

Life has its ups and its downs, its twists and its turns; people change and time passes, but always, always will I be here for you. Take a breath, love. Everything will turn out beautifully. Promise.


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