Waiting Impatiently

View from the airport on my last trip to Germany.

In just a few hours, my Dear One will be on his way to the airport. He will get on an airplane and he will fly over the Atlantic Ocean, and, if all goes well - I'm a little worried about this snowstorm - at 3:35 tomorrow afternoon, he will step onto American ground and shortly thereafter will be in my arms.

Long distance relationships are not easy. Far, far from it. They take an extraordinary amount of trust, patience, love, and persistence, and at times can be frustrating and lonely and painful. But in that single moment when I lay eyes on my Love once again after three long months; when my heart nearly beats out of my chest and I fall in completely and hopelessly in love all over again; in that moment, I am certain that I would have nothing less than this beautiful, imperfect, hard wonderful relationship I share with a Really Great Man.


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