Saturday Challenge, #26

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The argument of whether or not the Soul exists is one that has lasted almost as long as the human race has. For some, the Soul is spiritual and will be what lasts after our bodies have disappeared from the earth; for some, it is what makes us what we are - a thinking, feeling, doing, moralistic being; for some, it is nothing at all.

I cannot claim to know anything more than anyone else on the subject, for I am merely an ordinary human and the question is so subjective that it is difficult to prove or disprove. Personally, however, I do believe that I am more than just a body, though I admit I can't quite put in terms how I believe it to be so! How we perceive the world, how we react to it; our dreams and our hopes and our paths in life - it seems that these must be governed by a part of ourselves that is higher than that which deals with instinct and basic needs and other earthly things. Do you agree, or no?

This week's challenge is this: If you drew or described a home for your Soul - for the essence of you - what would it look like? Would it be airy and light? Warm and soft? Big and open? Full of colour or nature or music or stillness? Remember that the word 'home' can be interpreted in many, many different ways!

As I was writing this post, I realised that perhaps I have stumbled across something so big that it needs to be properly thought about and returned to in a later post. Forgive me if my writing is a bit jumbled and confused; I was writing as I was thinking!


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