Gratitude & Blessings

Soon we will look ahead to the new year and dream of things to come, giving our attention to the future. Isn't it wonderful that we have this time of gratitude, right now, to slow down; a time to remember the present, and all those things with which we have already been blessed?

For my readers in other parts of the world: even if you do not celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday, you can certainly join our season of thanks. Tell me, what makes your heart bubble over with gratitude?

Here are a few things for which I endlessly thank the Universe:

* Nature's beauty and the changing of seasons
* Being able to afford to do the things I love - like travelling, painting, and photography
* Opportunity and possibility
* Countless new things to learn
* Big dreams
* Never having known the feeling of hunger
* The support and kindness of strangers
* Old and new friends
* Artists and philosophers and other creative thinkers, who inspire me beyond measure

I wish you a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude and love and, of course, family! Please, please, please travel safely, and come back happy, full, and rested.


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