Everything That I Am

At the beginning of last week, on November the second, this little blog of mine turned six months old. Hurrah, hurrah! I am still learning about what inspires me to write, I am developing my photographic habits, and I am finding my style by trial and error - but this corner, right here, of the vast, astounding, and dazzling internet is all mine, no matter what, and I love it dearly for everything that it is!

Thank you, friends, for being here for the ride! Already I have found lovely souls out there in Blogland who inspire me to no end and whose acquaintance I treasure greatly. Hugs to you out there. What is so delightful about this journey is knowing that there are so many more friends to meet, paintings to paint and crafts to make, things to learn and ideas to write about! I can't wait to discover them.

I have been feeling for some time that I need to properly introduce myself. I have, however, been putting it off. I have so many worries - will you like the 'real' me? Will it shatter the magic that I feel here? Will I be reduced to an ordinary being who does ordinary things and struggles with life, just like everyone else? Can I still hold onto what I believe of this place: that anything is possible and that all dreams are within reach?

My desk, pleading for some tidying.

I have finally decided, though, to remove my mask, just for one post, and show myself for everything that I am. A brief reality check - then back to dreaming! I need to know where I am starting so that I know which path to take next, right?

And so, my Loves. Here I go.. My name is Ingrid - really, it's my middle name, but I like it ever-so-much better than my first. I am twenty one years old. After a year of college, then a year of wandering through Europe, I am once again living at home in a teensy-tiny town on the eastern coast of the United States. This situation frustrates me beyond words, and I desperately long for the freedom of my own space.

I am so very passionate about colour, about art, about expression and love and travelling and people and exploration. I adore animals and I treasure nature's beauty. My favourite season is Spring - it is the season of hope. I love skipping, laughing, twirling, creating, and singing; friends and the ocean and birds and elephants and culture and small, quiet moments of love between strangers (a wink, a smile, a kindess).

I am extremely messy. My desk is in the picture above - covered with Things and Papers! Ideas come and go quickly though my mind, and my desire to start new projects heavily outweighs my desire to finish them.

I have been dealing with depression for many, many years and am very proud of myself for being where I am today in that journey. (My, what a scary thing it is, announcing that to the world!) My boyfriend of nearly two years lives in Germany - a difficult situation, to be sure, but I love him dearly and, somehow, we make it work.

I long to travel the world and meet the people in it, taking part in the beauty that is humanity and the love that resides there. I am not interested in making a fortune in my lifetime, but rather gathering a vast wealth of experience that, in the end, brings happy tears to my eyes and fills an overflowing heart.

Is that enough, friends? Have you made it this far? I suppose I will end here, and my heart will tell me over the next few days if there is anything else that I would like share with you on this subject. Thank you for reading; this has been exactly what I needed. One's heart never lies! And until I know about Part Two, I will wear the cape of a princess, a goddess, an artist, or whatever else I choose to be!

Love to you all,


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