Saturday Challenge, #20

How do you see yourself? What do you love about yourself? What is the essence of YOU?

This week I challenge you to create a self portrait in as unique a way as possible. Merriam-Webster defines 'self portrait' as:
  1. A picture; especially a pictorial representation of a person usually showing the face
  2. A sculpted figure; bust
  3. A graphic portrayal in words
Today, though, let's break out of the box, throw the dictionary out the window, and exercise our imaginations. All I ask is that you keep two things in mind: that the possibilities of this challenge are endless; and that you are a shining, sparkling, radiant person capable of amazing things! See if you can reflect both of these things in your portrait.

I have created a Flickr group to which you can upload your responses to this week's challenge - or any previous challenge. Don't be shy - I would love to see what you have been creating and discovering!


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